Lean Usability for Startups

After some tweaks and updates I’ve finally uploaded my most recent presentation on Lean Usability for Startups. The presentation was originally given at the WebDu Conference in Sydney a few months ago.

The presentation includes:

low cost techniques all startups should consider using
low cost and free tools available on line
tips on conducting user research
tips for reducing costs
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I plan to follow up with more techniques and tools over the coming months.

The presentation concludes with 12 Lean Usability Principles, including:

Remember the Minimum Viable Product process (focus)
Embrace failure/ design iteratively
Talk with people that accurately fit your user profiles
Talk with your target audience as early & as often as possible
Be creative with incentives

Lean Usability for startups


Of course, this is just a slide deck without the presentation audio track… Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments you may have

Some discussion questions…
What lean user research techniques have you used in your startup?
What are some of the difficulties you’ve faced in conducting any sort of user research for your startup?
Have you come up with any good incentive ideas to encourage people to engage and provide feedback?
What other lean usability principles do you apply to your startup or other low budget projects?

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