The Age of Awareness

The main point I want to convey through this presentation is to encourage you to believe in the power we each have as individuals to affect positive, social change. I know that might come across a bit Anthony Robbins, but I hope you can see past that and not hold it against me too long :)

Web accessibility can be a real battle sometimes and I often hear practitioners complaining about hitting their head against a brick wall, fighting the same fights and never feeling like they’re making enough progress. What I want to do is encourage you to look to other industries, the built environment, the arts,
industrial design, or Social Innovation, for example, and find ways in which you can reapply the inclusive design practices you already have in new and self-inspiring ways.

A very heartfelt thanks to Maxine Sherrin of Web Directions for asking me to give this presentation at Web Directions South 2010. It was definitely a birth of sorts…

Slides and audio from my recent presentation at Web Directions South, 2010. A transcription of the presentation will be made available over the next few weeks.

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