The Age of Awareness

I’m very excited to be speaking at Web Directions South next month on a topic I feel is so very interesting and important; Inclusive Design.

While I’m always interested in how we can make the web and other digital experiences a more inclusive environment, more recently I’ve become intrigued by how we might apply these skills and information in a broader context. The consideration and application of inclusive research and design in the areas of Social Innovation, Service Design and the overlap of virtual and real spaces is incredibly intriguing and engaging. So I really hope with this talk to reignite or extend the passion and interest many of us already have in this area.

I hope to see some of you there :)

The Age of Awareness

Inclusive design. It might sound like a rebranding exercise from the Web Acces­si­bility Marketing Team, but it isn’t. For years inclusive design and research prac­tices have been applied to a wide variety of disci­plines from indus­trial design to the arts, the built envi­ronment and more.

What can we learn from this? And how can we apply it to the digital envi­ronment in which we work?

Social inno­vation, service design and even augmented reality are now presenting real and inter­esting oppor­tu­nities for us as tradi­tional web prac­ti­tioners. Combined with inclusive design prac­tices, this opens up a fantastic world of change for both us and the people for whom we design.

So starting with the web, we’ll rein­vig­orate our passion for diversity and inclusion. Let’s declare this The Age of Awareness!

Web Directions South
October 12–16 2010

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